#33 Stella Artois

Stella Artois Belgium 11.2oz 6pk BTL

#33 Stella Artois

Type: Pale Lager
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5%
Sticker Price: $8.99/6-pack of bottles

I have always found this to be an inoffensive beer. Not terrible, not terribly good. More refreshing if anything.

  • Rating (5=best): 3
  • Nose: A bit of cereal and grass.
  • Flavor: Bright, very effervescent, sweet malt.
  • Finish: Mildly bitter but without much complexity. Fades fast.
  • Notes: Super fizzy. The bubbles overwhelm the flavor, which isn’t hard to do.
  • Shilpi: “It has a bitter aftertaste but I do like that it’s light.”

#32 Beck’s


#32 Beck’s

Type: Pale Lager
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5%
Sticker Price: $7.99/6-pack of bottles

I picked this one up as it was the cheapest import at the store that day. Good thing it’s hot out and I’ll probably drink anything within reach. I won’t be reaching for this one again.

  • Rating (5=best): 2
  • Nose: A bit skunky and grassy. Wet hay.
  • Flavor: Bright, watery, unsatisfying bitterness.
  • Finish: Bitter finish, citrus pith. A bit astringent like quinine.
  • Notes: Not very interesting. Refreshing in a watery way but the skunkiness is a turn-off. The bitterness isn’t the pleasant hoppy kind but more the annoying white grapefruit pith kind.
  • Shilpi: “It’s refreshing but a little to bitter for my taste.”

#31 Blue Moon Belgian Table Pils

Blue Moon Belgian Table Pils

#31 Blue Moon Belgian Table Pils

Type: Pilsner
Container: Bottle
ABV: 4.2%
Sticker Price: $12.99/12-pack of bottles

While I like Belgians, I can’t stand Blue Moon’s Belgian White (review forthcoming). However, I’m a sucker for seasonal brews and I wanted to give this a chance before it’s gone. FOMO. It’s less cloying than the white but is so tame it’s forgettable.

  • Rating (5=best): 2
  • Nose: Canned vegetables, stale malt, wet cardboard, grass.
  • Flavor: Malt syrup, slightly citrusy, sweet with tiniest bit of sourness. Very bready.
  • Finish: Corn syrup, bit of the orange peel, fades fast.
  • Notes: Not bad, not great. Surprisingly heavy-bodied for what should be light and crisp. More bitterness would make it more enjoyable, especially as a summer beer.
  • Shilpi: “Tastes like PBR but a bit more sour.”

#30 Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale

Kona Big Wave

#30 Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale

Type: Blonde Ale
Container: Bottle
ABV: 4.4%
Sticker Price: $8.99/6-pack of bottles

Probably knowing this is brewed by a Hawaiian company colors the tasting notes on this very mellow and refreshing ale. Regardless, this beer does go great with the summer heat and sun.

  • Rating (5=best): 3.5
  • Nose: Mango, passion fruit. Tiny bit of wheaty nuttiness.
  • Flavor: Fruity and crisp with just a hint of hop bitterness. Grapefruit, apricot.
  • Finish: Clean and thirst quenching. Very refreshing.
  • Notes: While not very distinct on its own, this is an easy drinking beer perfect for relaxing or with food. I’ll definitely keep it in my summer cooler.
  • Shilpi: “I find it refreshing and tropical.”

#29 Shock Top Belgian White

Shock Top Belgian White

#29 Shock Top Belgian White

Type: Witbier
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.2%
Sticker Price: $6.99/6-pack of bottles

Belgians are among my (and Shilpi’s) favorite beers. I should have known from the marketing that this is the dressed-up-yet-empty-at-the-core version. I wouldn’t even pound it just to get a buzz as the cloying flavors made me nauseous halfway through one bottle.

  • Rating (5=best): 1
  • Nose: Bread dough, bit of coriander.
  • Flavor: Fruity sweetness, grapefruit, citrus rind, white pepper. Alcohol flavor comes through.
  • Finish: Quite dry, tiny bit of orange zest. Slight corn syrupy feel that reminds me of Fruit Loops residue.
  • Notes: I like Belgians but this is like the artificial candy version. No thanks.
  • Shilpi: “It’s bitter but enjoyable.”

#28 Montejo Cerveza Clara


#28 Montejo Cerveza Clara

Type: Light Lager
Container: Bottle
ABV: 4.5%
Sticker Price: $5.99/6-pack of bottles

There are so many Mexican beers at the supermarkets here in LA and this is just another one.

  • Rating (5=best): 2
  • Nose: Funky corn.
  • Flavor: Sweet corn syrup, bit of grass. Similar to PBR but without any bitterness.
  • Finish: Disappears quickly, slight cloying sweetness that seems chemically and metallic.
  • Notes: This might be better in al pastor but I won’t be buying this one again.
  • Shilpi: “Is this beer or water?”

#27 New Belgium Abbey


#27 New Belgium Abbey

Type: Dubbel
Container: Bottle
ABV: 7%
Sticker Price: $8.99/6-pack of bottles

We are big Belgian fans in this house. This one delivers everything we like and expect from this style without some of the cloying sweet flavors that hang a round too long. The Abbey is very interesting and yet refreshing at the same time.

  • Rating (5=best): 4.5
  • Nose: Rye grains, medicinal, yeast. Definitely Belgian.
  • Flavor: Sweet roasty malt, toffee, overripe banana, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, bubblegum.
  • Finish: Flavors darken, more roasted grain with a slightest bitterness on very end.
  • Notes: While the sweetness in the flavor might get cloying, it’s clean finish with a hint of bitterness wipes that away and keeps me coming back for more.
  • Shilpi: “It dark and rich but not heavy, which is a nice surprise.”