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#21 KCCO Black Lager

KCCO Black Lager

#21 KCCO Black Lager

Type: Black Lager
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.1%
Sticker Price: $8.99/6-pack of bottles

I really enjoy the Chive. My wife and I look at their cat pictures every Saturday morning like it’s our religion. Being such a fan, I had to try the beer they put their name on. While it will get you through Humpday, it isn’t as tasty as some FLBP.

  • Rating (5=best): 3
  • Nose: Coffee, dark bread, grilled corn.
  • Flavor: Surprisingly light. Roasted malt, chocolate, yeasty. Sweet but not too sweet. Nice carbonation.
  • Finish: Refreshing for a darker beer but not very complex or long-lasting. Tiny bit of bitterness on the end.
  • Notes: Very enjoyable but not much to savor over. Refreshing and drinkable and more interesting than most pale lagers. I wouldn’t pay for it again but if it was at a party I would KCCO!
  • Shilpi: “It’s a full-bodied coffee beer. It’s really not my thing.”

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#2 New Belgium 1554



#2 New Belgium 1554

Type: Black Ale
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.6%
Sticker Price: $12.99/12-pack of assorted flavors

I find I like a lot of what New Belgium puts out and I especially like darker beers in general. This one has a lot of the malty, earthy characteristics I like in dark beers and scotch yet is surprisingly light and easy to drink. Maybe a little too light in the body but that keeps it refreshing and less demanding.

  • Rating (5=best): 4
  • Nose: Yeasty dark bread, coriander, dried fruits
  • Flavor: Roasted grains, malt, smooth, surprisingly light
  • Finish: Dry, espresso, slightly bitter chocolate at the end, even a little smoky
  • Notes: Very drinkable, good introduction to darker beers. Not too heavy keeps it refreshing but still has those great dark flavors.
  • Shilpi: “It’s bitter, like coffee. I’m not a fan. Take it away!” (She doesn’t care for the darker beers.)