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#29 Shock Top Belgian White

Shock Top Belgian White

#29 Shock Top Belgian White

Type: Witbier
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.2%
Sticker Price: $6.99/6-pack of bottles

Belgians are among my (and Shilpi’s) favorite beers. I should have known from the marketing that this is the dressed-up-yet-empty-at-the-core version. I wouldn’t even pound it just to get a buzz as the cloying flavors made me nauseous halfway through one bottle.

  • Rating (5=best): 1
  • Nose: Bread dough, bit of coriander.
  • Flavor: Fruity sweetness, grapefruit, citrus rind, white pepper. Alcohol flavor comes through.
  • Finish: Quite dry, tiny bit of orange zest. Slight corn syrupy feel that reminds me of Fruit Loops residue.
  • Notes: I like Belgians but this is like the artificial candy version. No thanks.
  • Shilpi: “It’s bitter but enjoyable.”

#7 Double Take Belgian White

Double Take Belgian White


#7 Double Take Belgian White

Type: Witbier
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.4%
Sticker Price: $6.99/6-pack of bottles

I used to hate wheat beers of any type but I’ve learned to like them, as they tend to be my lovely wife Shilpi’s favorite style. We’ve tried a lot of Double Take’s wine (and been unimpressed) so I thought I’d give their brews a try. Inoffensive and cheap for a white, this would be good to bring to a party but I’m not keen to buy another six pack soon. I do have a bread recipe that uses beer. The other four bottles might find a better use there…

  • Rating (5=best): 2
  • Nose: Corriander, celery, aluminum, bit of citrus
  • Flavor: Sweet malty notes, corriander, orange peel bitterness, all muted and blended with a creamy carbonation
  • Finish: Bitter citrus rind (not peel), tiny bit of grapefruit on the end of a short finish
  • Notes: Pleasant but unremarkable. Overall impression is of a watered-down witbier, certainly not the “head snapper” it’s billed as.
  • Shilpi: Unenthusiastic: “It’s malty; darker tasting than a white beer.”